Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Biloxi Blues

Biloxi Blues. I'm watching it.

I was just going to write "Biloxi Blues" and publish, but let's face it, I can't be that brief. I also watched The Incredible Shrinking Woman with my kids today.  It's rated PG, but it was a 1981 PG and they were a little more liberal with the rating system back pre 1984 (so I learned today.) Anyway, the dad in the movie had a job of coming up with names for products. He was in charge of naming a perfume. He brought it home to his wife so she could help him. She wanted to name it "Sex Pot". Do you know how many times they said "Sex Pot" in that section of the movie? A LOT. I'm hoping that Jason doesn't think he needs to use that phrase in his Primary Class at church someday. There was also a scene where a guy was trying to promote Easy Cheese at a supermarket. He gave some to a lady and asked her how she thought it tasted. She responded, "It tastes like sh**." I have to admit, the surprise factor cracked me up, however, I think this world needs more G and PG movies that aren't animated and don't randomly throw in a curse word. I don't have time to preview PG movies before watching them with my kids. I also hope none of my kids learned how to really tell me what they think dinner tastes like. Aside from those two things, the movie was kind of fun and I loved the closing jingle "Galaxy Glue". If you click the link and you can hear it too.

My family moved to Southern California in 1984. One of the first things we did was go to Universal Studios. I remember seeing a giant rocking chair at the park that was supposedly used in the The Incredible Shrinking Woman. I don't recall seeing an enormous rocking chair in the movie. I'm confused. Now I think Universal Studios is a fraud.

I'm still mourning the loss of my AC units and filling the void with 80's movies.

I liked That Funny Feeling, by the way. A nice 1960 romantic comedy. I think I have a crush on Bobby Darin. It's too bad he died when he was 37 years old. That's sad.


  1. I love watching old movies. We get the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel on my free cable lineup and sometimes I'll just watch whatever movie comes on, although secretly I hope for a Gene Kelly movie. He was so dreamy... ~sigh~

  2. Great, now I have Galaxy Glue jingle going through my head. I too have shared the 80's classics and found the PG to be super rude and use of profanity and innuendo rampant. I don't remember them being bad when I was a teenager. If any of my CTR6 say SexPot I'll ask if they've seen an incredible shrinking woman- living in a doll house never looked so good.