Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today would've been my mom's 64th birthday.  She shared a birthday with her mother.  My grandmother turned 91 today.  It was easy for me to remember my mom's age because it always had the same last digit as my age because she was 30 years older than me.  Also something else cool is that my mom's dad was 30 years older than her and I am 30 years older than Jason.  So now Jason needs to continue the tradition and have a child when he is 30 years old in 2036.  The pressure is on!

I've been scanning lots of old photos during my stay in California. I came across this one.  It is my mom and grandmother's 37th and 64th birthday.  It's too bad nobody made a cake for them.  All they got is bowl of Jello with whip cream and a candle.  It was probably too hot in the August heat to turn on an oven in a house without AC.

August 29, 1983

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  1. I can see your family resemblence you look a lot like your mother...............beautiful