Sunday, August 08, 2010

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Ok, so I had this unrealistic expectation that on our drive out to California that I would blog every night once we arrived at our hotel with free wi-fi.  The truth is I am not Super Woman.  After driving nine hours and fulfilling my promise to let the kids go swimming in the hotel pool until it closed, getting clothes ready for the following day, and downloading photos from the camera memory card, I was just too exhausted and pretty much fell asleep with the computer on my lap.  So now a week later I will have to do a brief overview of our trip.  I might have to split this up into a couple of days because I'm tired right now too.

Day 2 - Lexington, KY to Macomb, IL

I have a life goal of getting my picture taken in front of every state capitol building.  It all began in college when I drove with a college roommate of mine to her home in Washington State. On the way we visited Sacramento, Salem, and Olympia.  Since then I have visited several more.  I think I have collected more than half of the states.  Anyway, after leaving our hotel in Lexington, KY we had a short drive to Frankfort.  I knew that Frankfort wasn't a big city, but I was a little confused when the GPS told us that we arrived at our final destination.  It was a trailer park having a community yard sale.  I took a picture anyway in case it was the capital.  As we were leaving, we saw the sign, "Capital City Mobile Home Park".  I guess that confused the GPS system.  The GPS eventually directed us to the correct destination.

We also stopped at Springfield, IL.  We visited Abraham Lincoln's old home in addition to the capitol building.  Did you know that Abe is still alive?  We drove around the block three times to try to get his picture.  He seemed pretty annoyed with me snapping pictures of him.  Now I understand why the paparazzi spend a fortune on telephoto zoom lenses.  I probably could've gotten his picture on the first time around the block and been a little more discreet about it if I had a fancy zoom lens.  I was thankful that the homeless man begging for money stalled him for a while.  I wonder if Abe gave him any money, perhaps a five dollar bill along with some pennies?

We also went to Indianapolis, IN and ate Subway on the steps of the Capitol building.

Day 3 - Nauvoo

We spent most of the day in Nauvoo.  We attended Sacrament meeting and then toured the Church Historical sites.  There wasn't enough time to see everything.  We hit the highlights and collected our free souvenirs.  We got a brick, rope, candles, and a mini horseshoe.  We also visited Carthage jail where Joseph Smith was killed.  It was a busy day in Nauvoo and Carthage because it was the day after the last day of the pageant.  Our tour group at Carthage had about 50 people in it.  It was hot and crowded in the tiny rooms.  When we were upstairs looking at the actual room where Joseph was shot, I found a nice spot on a bench by a window where I could sit with George.  He was fussing so I stuck him on my breast because I forgot to bring the pacifier.  As I was sitting there with my boob half exposed because I didn't have a blanket either, the tour guide directed the attention of the group to the window from which Joseph fell to his death.  It was the window I was sitting by. People began to snap pictures.  Nice. Let's hope none of those pictures end up on somebody's blog.

After Carthage we found a nice park in Iowa and ate a snackish dinner of tuna fish and crackers and let the kids play at a park.  We then embarked on an all night drive to Cheyenne, WY.

To Be Continued......

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