Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Vacation Documentation

Ok, so I just realized that I never finished documenting our drive out here.  Here is some more:

Day 4 - Drive from Nauvoo, IL to Cheyenne, WY (August 1/2)

Planning this part of the trip was tricky.  We spent Sunday in Nauvoo and we planned to stay at my brother's house in Cheyenne, WY for an evening.  If we stayed in a hotel on Sunday evening we would get to Cheyenne too late and wouldn't be able to spend much time with them.  So I planned to drive through the night in order to get to Cheyenne in the morning.  Since my husband is not a total night owl, I volunteered to drive.  It was a lot of fun having a quiet van with sleeping people and a lot of radio stations with good music to listen and sing to. I found it amusing that Omaha had a radio station called 101.9 The Big O.  However, during the night we drove through 2 state capitals.  My husband was kind enough to take my picture at 12:30 AM in Des Moines, IA and 3:30 AM in Lincoln, NE (above picture).  We stopped at a Perkins in western Nebraska and made it to my brother's at about 11 AM.  I was tired.  But....

I did a picture of Cheyenne, WY.  Woo hoo!  That night we watched The Bachelorette finale and we departed on our way to Salt Lake City the next morning (about a 7 hour drive).

To Be Continued....

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