Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Ok, I will blog.  I have finally set a date to return home which means I have two more weeks here in California.  We've been doing some fun stuff.  That some fun stuff includes La Brea Tar Pits, California Science Center, Legoland, and DISNEYLAND!  Disneyland was awesome as expected.  We went on Wednesday, September 1st, so most kids were in school already, and the lines were short.  We pretty much did everything we wanted to do, except I totally did not get a churro, and I was very disappointed with myself for not indulging.  Here are some pics:

We were literally the first car to the lot.  We left at 5:30 AM to avoid traffic which got us there 2 hours befor the park opened.  It was so awesome!  It beat sitting in traffic.

Belle.  I love how Sarah is always snuggled up next to the character.

Princess Tiana.


Rachel getting a little special treatment during the Royal Ball.  It looks like Sarah is ready to snuggle up to this prince.

Mickey Mouse



Sorry to my Facebook friends.  These are all the same photos I posted the other day.  


  1. hmmm...makes me think I should stop spoiling the surprises by being your friend on facebook. I think we should bring back the art of blogging!! :)

  2. Seriously, right? Facebook and blogging are like two full time jobs. Plus on top of that, I have to watch and educate my children. Are you saying I should quit facebook?

  3. Hello Melinda Beth, keep those posts coming, I enjoy seeing your seven and comparing the the Beth's seven...TIRING, a full time job just keeping up with the laundry!!!!!

  4. yes, i think we should quit facebook, or something like that. i really want to blog, but spend too much time on facebook. then i go to blog and blogger hates me and won't upload my videos and pictures. it's really stressin me out! :)