Friday, July 30, 2010

Road Trip - Day One

So we have embarked on a cross country road trip.  I think about 2 hours into the drive, we realized that taking one day to fly would likely have been easier, but definitely not as fun.

Highlight of the day?
Emily - Getting to the hotel. (She loves hotels.)
Bradley - The McDonald's milkshake stop.
Sarah -  (She's sleeping and I forgot what she told me)
Wendy - (She's also sleeping.)
Daddy - Milkshakes.
Mommy - Eating KFC in Kentucky.

I took on the painstaking task of color-coordinating our traveling outfits.  Why?  For no good reason.  But I do have to say, it was easy to count the children and keep tabs on them.  Today we had a brown day.  All but, Wendy wore a brown shirt.  She wore brown capris.  Mommy and Daddy also wore brown shorts.  I thought my kids looked like little UPS employees.

You want to hear something weird?  A lady came and talked to us at the Wendy's we stopped at for lunch in North Carolina.  She made a nice comment about our family.  My husband talked to her more than I did because I was busy wiping ketchup off faces.  When I was checking into our hotel in Kentucky, she was there!  It is about 300 miles and 5 hours away.  What are the chances?  Weird.  I wished I talked to her more at the hotel, but I was busy taking care of our reservation because they booked us for a king bed instead of two queens.  The employee worked it out for us, but these are not queen beds, they are clearly doubles.  It always helps to have queens when you are trying to squeeze 9 people into a hotel room.  Shhh!  Don't tell.  My reservation said 1 adult, 3 children.

That's all for today.  I need to get some sleep for the drive tomorrow.  We are on our way to Nauvoo, Illinois.  Actually we will be about an hour from Nauvoo, because the hotels were booked, but close enough. We are going to church in Nauvoo and seeing the sites on Sunday.

It's too bad George isn't in the picture, but his bottle leaked all over his brown onesie and he was naked.


  1. you make me tired! but i love that your kids are always so happy!

  2. I remember taking a vacation with my family, I was the oldest of seven. We were lucky to get clean clothes. lol when Beth was little I made the boys short outfits, so I made her one too and put lace on it to distinguish her from the boys. They HATED those striped green and brown shirts.