Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm a little bit stressed right now.  We are going on vacation and I'm trying to pack.  I'm trying to pack with seven kids running around.  It's causing the blood pressure to rise.  I took my blood pressure at Walmart and it was higher than normal.  Now I'm trying not to stress about my higher blood pressure.

Anyway, this isn't just a vacation.  It's a cross country road trip.  Yes, a cross country road trip with seven children including an almost 3 month old.  I need to take a deep breath.

[Taking a deep breath]

I've been on mental overload the past couple of weeks in preparation.  I've been mapping the route, booking hotels, trying to figure out how to jam pack several activities into each day of travel, packing clothes, writing lists, paying bills, getting the camera and GPS ready, etc.  I look forward to just sitting in the van and watching the scenery as we drive.

Today I was trying to figure out my medical bills and insurance from giving birth to George because I wanted to get them paid and not have to worry about it while traveling.  I noticed that the charges were not applied toward my separate maternity deductible.  To make a long story short, my doctor and hospital charges were not covered by my maternity policy because there were "complications" during delivery.  Now when I think of childbirth complications, I think breech, emergency c-section, forceps, etc.  Of course, almost bleeding to death would probably count too, but I thought my bleeding wasn't that severe.  I didn't need a blood transfusion or anything.  So I accept the fact that I had a complication.  However, when I asked the lady on the phone at the insurance company what else is classified as a complication, she mentioned stitches from tearing/episiotome. I said, "WHAT?!

So basically you have to have an absolute perfect pregnancy and delivery, which includes a stretched out vagina or baby with a small head to be covered by this policy's maternity coverage.  It's insane.  I honestly don't think I have met anyone that hasn't had tearing or stitches, extra bleeding, or some other complication.  The fact that I'm Strep B positive is probably a complication since I need an IV of antibiotics during labor and delivery.  I think it's a total scam.  Fortunately things worked out ok for me because I had a secondary policy through my husband's group policy which paid some too.  I ended up spending about $2700 more than I thought I would though.  I guess it's a lesson learned.  Don't buy Assurant Health Maternity coverage!  Total ripoff.

There.  I got that off my chest.  I'm moving on and I'm going to stop being angry about it.  But seriously, I think it's so ridiculous.  The lady on the phone expressed absolutely no shame about the ridiculous restrictions on the benefits.

That was my day.  I'm sure my blood pressure shot up about 30 points during that phone call.

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