Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Half Birthday!

Yes, it's true, I am blogging two days in a row!

Rachel turned 2 1/2 today.  Sadly, I did not take a picture of her.

I found $40 in an old purse of mine today.  I went to Kohl's to spend it this evening. I spent $200. Whoops!  I can't even put an "only" in front of that number to justify it.  Looks like I will be doing some returns tomorrow when I pick out what I like best.  I don't go shopping all that often for myself and try on clothes.  When I was in the fitting room, it brought back memories of doing back to school shopping with my mom.  She would usually sit in the fitting room with me and express her opinion of the clothes I was trying.  When I got older and was responsible for purchasing my own clothes, she would still come along.  Often I would have several items that I liked, but I knew I couldn't afford.  She would somehow always successfully convince me that I should get all of them.  Often she would get out her credit card and help pay for them.

I tried on bathing suits tonight.  That was depressing.  My current bathing suit is about 5 years old and it looks as if the chlorine is taking a toll on it.  It is starting to wear away in the back.  I was hoping to quickly find a cute suit tonight.  Didn't quite happen.  First of all, I prefer a one-piece because let's face it, I have born seven children and it would be a frightening sight if I wore a bikini. Second of all, one piece bathing suits are designed for my grandmother. So I opted for a two-piece that looks like a one-piece when you wear it.  (Are they still called tankinis?)  I like tankinis because they are good for when I nurse and go pee (not at the same time).  The good news is that they sell the pieces separately, which means I can buy my bottom 2 sizes larger than my top.  Yay!  But it is difficult to even find two pieces that match!  Anyway, I finally found some matching pieces.  One set was cute.  It had a cute little skirt bottom to help cover my butt cheeks that are decorated with stretch marks and cellulite. However, the top seems a little too revealing.  I just don't care for anyone to see the skin between my boobs.  I bought it anyway to try at home and ask my husband's opinion. I also bought a one-piece plain black one.  It's nice, but eh, nothing special for a whopping $44.  But, like I said, it was depressing looking at my body under those fluorescent lights.  I'm sure if my mom were there, she would have had some encouraging and flattering words to boost my butt and belly esteem.

Also, I came home and checked the mail and there was a coupon for  Kohl's for 15% off.  Dang. Why didn't I check the mail before I went?  I hope I can take it to the store and get an adjustment when I return the stuff I'm not keeping.

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  1. I hate swimsuit shopping too! Try I've had the same suit for the last 4 years, and I still love mine! No chlorine wear yet either! Yeah for shopping!