Saturday, November 28, 2009


We celebrated Thanksgiving all alone this year. Not that a Thankgiving with a family of 8 is all that lonely. But here is our holiday in pictures:

Wendy was my gravy stirrer while I took pictures. I attempted to make my own gravy this year instead of using Heniz. I've always heard stories how gravy is so difficult to make. Mine worked with no lumps. I felt very successful.

My beautiful Sweet Potato Casserole. My favorite.

My beautiful turkey cooker and carver.

My beautiful homemade rolls I decided to make last minute. I didn't think they were going to work because the dough didn't seem to be rising. But they did and were delicious.

Me. We have our Thanksgiving buffet style. There's just not enough room on the table for all those dishes. I also read online this year a nifty trick to keep the mashed potatoes warm is to put them in a crock pot. It totally worked and saved some stress of getting the potatoes done last minute to make sure they were hot.

The family feast. We get out the special glasses for the holiday and the kids think they are pretty special to be able to drink out of fancy glasses.

My plate. Clockwise: Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potates (with skins), turkey, Stove Top Turkey Stuffing ( I learned this year that the Turkey Stuffing does not have MSG, but the Chicken one does.), Green Bean Casserole, Roll, and Jellied Cranberry (center).

And yes, I did eat it all, but a couple of bites of my sweet potatoes. I was stuffed to the max. A few years ago I bought some extra large plates on clearance at Target. I love using them for Thanksgiving.

A drumstick eater.

A wing eater.

After dinner we played pin the pilgrim hat on the turkey. It was difficult to decide who the winner was.


  1. We'll make up for your lonely Thanksgiving by having an enormous Christmas. :) And, sweet potato casserole! That's what our Thanksgiving Dinner was missing last night. (We had Thanksgiving on Saturday, since we don't get Thursday off.)

    I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :)

  2. I am super jealous of your Thanksgiving. We went to my in-laws and the closest thing we had to a traditional dinner was the store bought stuffing mix I went out and bought. Supposedly prime rib was 'better' than turkey, boiled potatoes were chosen over mashed, and the sides were strange mac&cheese made from american cheese slices and butter and vegetables with lots of butter. Yes, there was lots of butter in that meal. I guess they had pumpkin pie as well, but they ate it all when I had taken the baby to bed. I am looking forward to a Thanksgiving dinner on our own next year.

  3. Your plate looked mouth watering yummy. I liked the hat on the feathers as the winner.