Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Thank goodness I've been tagged because I didn't have anything to write about today.

Here's the ABC's of me. If your name is under T, it's your turn.

A-Attached or Single: Single. Just gave birth and loving having my body all to myself.
B-Best Friend: My husband
C-Cake or Pie: Is cheesecake pie or cake?
D-Day of Choice: Friday/ Date Night
E-Essential Item: King size bed
F-Favorite TV Show: The Brady Bunch
G-Gummie Bears or Worms: Gummy worm buried in a flower pot of chocolate cake and crushed Oreos
H-Hometown: Rochester, NY
I-Indulgence: Pedicure and new clothes
J-January or July: July because it's warm.
K-Kids: Emily, Bradley, Sarah, Wendy, Jason, Rachel ...
L-Life is incomplete without: kids, M&Ms, ice cream cones, roller coasters
M-Marriage Date: April 21, 2000
N-Number of Siblings: 1 older brother and 1 older sister
O-Oranges or Apples: oranges - big, juicy and seedless
P-Phobias or Fears: hypochondria; hitting a pedestrian with my car; being chased and attacked by the Fruit of the Loom apple and green grapes
Q-Quote: "Just do it"
R-Reason to Smile: kids, family, Disneyland
T-Tag: Amber - she's the only person who reads my blog who has a blog (that I know of)
U-Unknown fact about me: I'm a highly evolved human with only 3 wisdom teeth.
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Omnivore
W-Worst Habit: Interupting my husband when he's talking; leaving junk on the printer, leaving the toilet seat lid up (all pointed out to me by my husband)
X-X-rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasound
Y-Your Favorite Food: Japanese OR 7 oz. Flo's Filet with Ceasar salad, baked sweet potato, hot baked bread, Mr. Pibb, and a Chocolate Stampede.
Z-Your Zodiac: Cancer

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  1. Oh great!! i'm so lucky!! :) hahaha i might have to steal some of your answers, they were very good!!