Sunday, February 10, 2008

Excited About Tuna

I got home from the grocery store last night at 10:00pm, excited to tell my husband about my great deal on tuna. Tuna deals are hard to come by, so when I saw that I could get 4 cans/ $1.00, I loaded up the cart. However, when I checked out, the manager came up to me and told me that there was a limit of one deal per customer. What?! I told him I would only take four. So he and the teenage checker unloaded the unwanted tuna cans onto the vacant checkout stand. Then as the checker continued to check out the rest of my items, the manager had a brilliant idea that allowed him to give me all 84 cans of tuna for $0.25 each. You rock Donny Taylor! He even helped me out to my car and unloaded them in my trunk. I am so stoked to have saved $33.62 on tuna! The young, single girl behind me commented that it was a lifetime supply of tuna. But I estimate that it is about a 6 month supply for our family. I should've bought more.

Also, I paid $0.09 for an 18oz. jar of peanut butter (Buy One Get One Free + $1.00 off coupon.) And Bradley's favorite chicken nuggets were on sale. I love grocery bargains! Overall I got about $170 worth of groceries for $95. Now, that's what I call "shopping!"

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  1. Holy Crap Melinda!! I wouldn't even know where to stash all that tuna! The other night I planned tuna sandwiches for dinner. Walter thought I was crazy, so I made him make them. We mixed tuna with mayo, apples and cheese and grilled them. He now thinks he is a gourmet chef. Not that that story has much to do with buying a lot of tuna, but seeing all that tuna makes me want a grilled tuna sandwich!!