Friday, February 01, 2008

A Chair Full of Treasures

Today is my mom's last day here, so I decided to get a head start on my spring cleaning. I vacuumed and Febreezed the couch and chair. As I scooped out the sides and back of the chair, I found a multitude of items. Here is my list:

2 toy curling irons
1 calculator (now I can return the one I bought last night)
2 fake gold coins
2 green colored pencils
1 large Lincoln Log
1 Barbie playing card
1 stencil ruler
1 Mickey Mouse memory card
1 mini tambourine
1 triangle Magna Doodle piece
1 lavender hair bow
1 Cherokee clothing tag (clearance)
1 orange crayon with wrapper
1 orange crayon without wrapper
1 necklace
1 red counting bear
1 piece of green balloon
1 red rubber band
1 yellow rubber band
5 staples
1 AA battery
pine needles
1 chocolate chip
1/2 M&M
1 mini princess crown
1 green button
the battery cover for the cable remote control
1 yellow Aqua Dot
1 used Band Aid
1 mini pine cone
1 toy pizza cutter blade
1.5 inches of pink curling ribbon
1 tiger magnet
1 Christmas tree hook
1 Minnie Mouse picture
1 rubber bumper from a cupboard door
1 Capital One fake credit card

...and yes, I just spent 10 minutes or so documenting all that.

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