Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Monthly Post

Enough is enough! I need to blog. The other night I was pondering why it is that I am so unmotivated to sign in to Blogger and let my fingers dance on the keyboard. I was reviewing a few posts from 2009 and was entertained by the events I documented way back when. Now I'm regretting for letting so much time pass these past few months in complete silence.

So as a I was pondering I came up with a few reasons (or perhaps lame excuses) for my lack of writing, documenting, blogging:

1. I'm pregnant. It draws a lot of energy out of me.

2. I am raising seven kids. It draws a lot of energy out of me.

3. It's gardening season. It takes up a lot of time. (However, I only blog at night and I don't garden at night, so it's totally not a valid excuse.)

4. My TV is broken. Total sadness, right? You would think it would free up a bunch more time so that I COULD blog, but it's the opposite.  Instead of flopping myself on the couch to watch some brainless show and blogging while I'm half watching it, I have to actually DO something at night, like organize or scroll Pinterest. I'm not a good multitasker.

5. I've been intimidated by other bloggers. Seems silly, but every now and then I go through phases when I visit other blogs and feel like I can't live up to those productive and consistent bloggers, so I give up. It's ridiculous, I know. I have awesomeness to share too!

6. I have ice cream to eat. It's hard to eat ice cream and blog at the same time. Again, I'm not a well-trained multitasker.

7. I have activities to plan at night. Spring is a time when we have a change in homeschooling schedule. We take a break from the normal routine and do the essentials - math, reading, piano, Rosetta Stone. We spend the mornings in the garden, watering our plants, picking weeds, and looking at bugs. The kids spray each other with the hoses. After we come inside, the kids do 25 minutes of each essential subject before lunch, and the rest of the afternoon we do a fun activity (in theory). We've been doing a lot of science. It's all been very impromptu, meaning no rhyme or reason to our curriculum. Basically if I see something that looks fun and exciting on Pinterest I say, "Let's do that!" and hope that we have the materials. Then we experiment and discuss it. We have both successes and failures.

8. We've been building a new kitchen table top and benches. Our eight person table is beginning to get cramped, but the urgency of modifying our table was sparked when my husband's chair broke the other evening. I will post pictures when complete.

9. I take too many pictures. Although I may be having a lull in the blogging momentum, I rarely lose momentum on the picture taking. But since I take a lot of photos, it can be a daunting task to upload them, look through them, and actually pick the ones I want to post on my blog. Also I seem to be missing a memory card :(

10. There hasn't been a birthday until this week. Since I no longer keep baby books for my children, I feel obligated to at least post about their birthdays. I feel a threat coming on from my eldest child, Emily, so I thought I would blog before she threatened to unfollow me again.

So there you have it. Now on to some pictures of the past month.....

Our 12th Anniversary. We celebrated by taking the kids to a Colonial Days celebration. 

It was also National Junior Ranger Day and all the kids earned a Junior Ranger patch by completing some activities. 

Some wild blackberries that have been growing in our yard.

The day after Earth Day we made Earth Day cupcakes.

I love how kids are clueless to the messes they make.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Bradley lost his rare siamese tooth. He had two bottom teeth that had separate roots, but the teeth were fused together. The tooth fairy brought him two coins and let him keep the tooth (teeth).

Sarah staking her green pepper plants. We don't always make our kids wear helmets when working in the garden.

Jason carrying in a very large watermelon from the grocery store. He dropped it, of course, but it was fun watching him try.

There you have it. I still haven't posted any photos from May because they are still on my cameras. So hopefully that will be some motivation to blog within the week!

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  1. Laughing so hard I got a nosebleed from my sinus surgery yesterday! Now that is a compliment. You are hysterical and your blogs are true
    Joyful medicine for this empty nester and everyone else I refer to your blog. Love y'all!!