Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 7 - Clouds

My plans for Fun 'n' Fattening Week for last week were postponed until this week because I was busy getting our kitchen table finished and it was unusable for most of the week. I still don't have a picture of the finished product to show you, because I have two more benches to stain this week. Originally my husband and I were going to sit in chairs on each end of the table, but we decided to build two more small benches to match the large benches. You'll see. Probably this weekend. It's looking pretty awesome though and we are enjoying using the table.

Anyway, we kicked off Fun 'n' Fattening week THIS week. My kids were frustrated with my flakiness, so Emily created a Google Doc and emailed it to me last Friday. It was a list of seven fun activities and seven desserts to make. I thought it was funny that four of the desserts included Oreos. Do you think she likes Oreos?

I modified the list a bit to help create themes and make it educational. Today's theme was "Clouds". This is what we did:

1. We started some Sky Parfaits with blue Jello.

2. While we waited for the Jello to set we read library books about clouds.

Sarah reading to us.

Wendy reading to us.

As you can see, the audience on the couch was very attentive to the reader.

Bradley reading to us. Emily read to us too, but I didn't get a good picture of her.

3. Then we went outside and looked at the real clouds. According to our reading we decided they were cumulus and perhaps some cumulostratus clouds, because some had gray in them, but they were not rain clouds. I think classifying clouds can be quite confusing.

4. Then we took a bar of Ivory soap and microwaved it for almost two minutes to make our own cumulus cloud.  

By the end of the afternoon Emily said she had a headache because of the scent of the Ivory soap hanging in the air.

5. The kids ate their Sky Parfaits for Family Home Evening dessert. This is also a sneak peek of our new table. I made sure to quiz Jason during dessert by asking him, "So, Jason, what are clouds made of?" I was thankful that he answered, "water droplets," and not "Cool Whip" or "soap". He actually WAS paying attention this afternoon while we read our books.

They certainly did not turn out as pretty as on the ones on the website where I got the idea, but they were yummy. All it is is Jello and Cool Whip. Not exactly a "fattening" dessert, but we will have enough fat added back into the menu later this week to make up for it. Plus, we cooked some Fried Zucchini last night for dinner, so a light dessert tonight was good for us.

Last night's Fried Zucchini.

George felt the need to lick every droplet of Jello and Cool Whip off the table. He had a spoon, but sometimes it's just more fun eating like a dog.

**Disclaimer** This day is not representative of a typical homeschooling day. "Cloud Day" was an unusually thought-out and planned day, and the weather miraculously produced cumulus clouds for us to match our project and dessert. Don't let us fool you into thinking that we have organized homeschooling every day.

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