Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 4 - Mother's Day

**NOTE** I wrote this post on Monday, but fell asleep mid-blogging, so it's being posted today, Tuesday.

So I'm wondering if during my 21 day goal of blogging, the days must be consecutive? Because I've skipped a couple days, but I still feel successful. Yesterday was Mother's Day and by the time my Blogging Hour came around, I was just kind of lazy and tired.

This is how I spent most of my Mother's Day....

...while my kids waited on me and brought me slices of cheddar cheese and lemon water. I did eventually go to the dinner table to eat soup for dinner, which was a bad choice because it made me sweat like crazy! I am constantly hot. I usually keep the thermostat set at 76 degrees, but husband cut it down to 72 degrees for me after dinner. Wasn't that a sweet Mother's Day gift?

I also got breakfast in bed which was unusual. Since we usually get up at 7am to get ready for church, most years my husband and kids forget, or don't get up in time to serve me anything. But this year on Saturday night they must have felt extra motivated, since they did not have time to fulfill my request for them to grocery shop for me. (We were busy building our tabletop most of Saturday, so we ran out of time to do regular grocery shopping.)

On Saturday my husband went to bed before me. When I went to bed, I double checked to make sure he set the alarm, because he is notorious for forgetting. It is usually set for 7:00am, but when I checked, it was set for 6:40am. That was my clue that I might be getting breakfast in bed. I knew it wouldn't be much, but I looked forward to it. When I heard the alarm go off, I was wondering if he would actually follow through, or forget and just hit snooze. To my surprise my husband did get out of bed and wake up the kids. I could hear little feet pitter-pattering down the hallway and it made me smile. I could hear clinking dishes downstairs, and cupboard doors slamming while I pretended to be sleeping. About 15 minutes later I heard a stifled stampede coming upstairs. Seven kids walked into my bedroom and exclaimed, "Happy Mother's Day!" I was served a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal with milk, whole wheat toast with jam, and a banana.  It made me happy and I enjoyed every bite of it.

I felt slackerish this Mother's Day since I have no living mother or grandmother of my own for which to buy Mother's Day cards. It made me kind of sad. (However, looking on the bright side, I guess I saved about $10.) I went through some old scanned pictures and found this one of the three of us when I was seven years old. 

Aww. I love my mom's 80's hair, my grandmother's bra strap, and my huge bushy bangs.

The kids and me on Mother's Day. Not the highest quality picture, but I take what I can get when my husband is behind the camera. It's amazing that that you can see all seven kids' faces, six of them with smiles.

To spread the Mother's Day cheer, I cut one of my gladiolas from our garden, and the girls and I brought it to our next door neighbor to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

Isn't it pretty? I love the dual tone. Our neighbor loved it too.

Me planing our new table top on Monday. Now look whose bra strap is showing! My arms are sore today from all that planing!

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