Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Randomness

I do not want to go to bed tonight without blogging. So here is some randomness:

Broccoli from our garden. Last year we were in NY for my mom's funeral and totally missed out on our broccoli harvest. The broccoli was all flowered by the time we got home. It was very sad. Thank goodness nobody died this May. We enjoyed the little trees dipped in dressing this year.

A pretty lily in my yard.

A pretty Zinnia in my yard.

Ugly Japanese beetles eating my Zinnia leaves.

An infant Zinnia. I think Zinnia are one of the most amazing creations. 

My new shoes I got for $1 at Walmart. Whenever I get a deal like this I feel sorry for the suckers who paid the full price of $10 for these shoes. I can't pass up a deal like that, except I bought another pair in brown, a pair of sneakers for Bradley and a pair of shoes for George, and a pair of knit boots for Sarah or Wendy. So I ended up spending $5 on shoes I didn't really need, but they were only $1, and it's nice to have a little variety to our footwear, and George really does need some shoes. He's almost 14 months and has never worn a pair of shoes.

Walmart's Parent's Choice now packages their baby wipes 7 per box. There's totally room for an eighth, but I guess they are trying to get away with charging the same price for 7? I thought that was interesting, but it made me very uncomfortable to see a box with an odd number of packages. I like symmetry.

So there is my randomness. I feel so boring lately! 

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