Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talent Show and Random Photos

Tonight Emily performed on the piano at her Achievement Days Talent Show. Achievement Days is when girls ages 8-11 meet at our church every other Wednesday and work on something enriching. The have a program called Faith in God in which each girl works on activities for four years (ages 8-11) to help her progress in her faith, talents, and service in preparation to become a Young Woman beginning when she is 12 years old. Tonight the girls shared their talents with each other and their parents.

Emily played Little Purple Pansies from the Children's Songbook. It's too bad her dress didn't have purple flowers on it. That would've been pretty cool.

Since I took this video with my purse camera, I also found some other random photos on the memory card that I thought I'd share:

 Jason playing with his food on Taco Tuesday. (April 17)

Playing in the water at the Children's Museum. (May 3) George could barely reach, but he was super happy to slap his hand on that water over and over and over. Bradley's absolute favorite part of the museum is the room that has the water. He loves the lock demo that they have. He said when he grows up he wants a job that has to do with playing with water. I can't wait to find out his occupation. Plumber? Lifeguard? Dam builder? Sailor? Pool guy? 

Pirate Emily at the Children's museum. She actually makes being a pirate look stylish. 

Pirate Bradley. Not so much. He just makes it look gooberish.

George on the swings. (May 12)

Stopped for salad and pizza on the way home from the park. (May 12) I wasn't exactly expecting to spend $25 on lunch this day. This was when I brought my van to the shop on the way home from the park to get the Check Engine light diagnosed. So, the kids and I walked over to the pizza shop while we waited the 2.5 hours for it to get fixed. It was a much better lunch than my planned ham sandwiches at home and I enjoyed every bite of it, and also my Barq's Rootbeer. I'm in love with root beer. It ended up that they couldn't even finish fixing the van that day, so one of the mechanics rode home with me and then he took my van back to the shop. 

Aren't you proud of me for blogging two times this week?

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