Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ice Skating

Last summer Emily, Bradley, and Sarah participated in the library's summer reading program. My husband took them last July to redeem their hours of reading for prizes. They liberally handed out free children's passes to the children's museum and the ice skating rink. I say liberally because they gave us seven free passes for each attraction even though not all of our children read.

The passes expire June 1, 2011, so we procrastinated the past ten months in redeeming them. We finally redeemed our children's museum passes on May 3rd and that was fun. We've been promising our kids that we would take them ice skating for the longest time, but things kept getting in the way. So tonight we went and we weren't going to let anything stop us because time was running out.

I picked David up from work because it was on the way to the rink and we didn't want to hit traffic. So since we didn't eat dinner at home, we ate at Wendy's. Have I ever told you how much I LOVE Wendy's? But please don't think I named my daughter after the restaurant. I just happen to like the name Wendy. Did you know Dave Thomas named the restaurant after his daughter, Wendy, and her real name was actually Melinda? Pretty cool.

Anyway, I had a delicious #1 combo. Square hamburgers just taste so much better than circles. I think the hamburger buns at Wendy's are always so fresh too. I'm salivating writing about it.

Ok seriously, anyway, enough about food. I'm making myself hungry again at 10:30 PM. So we went to the ice skating rink at 6 PM and skated for two hours. I didn't skate. I was the designated photographer and Rachel /George babysitter. I really didn't want to get hurt either because we don't have health insurance until June 1. I told the rest of them that they skated at their own risk. If they got injured, they would have to wait a week to go to the doctor. Thankfully nobody got hurt. Several falls, but no bleeding, sprains, or broken bones.

The pictures will tell the rest:




Skating with Daddy.

Since Rachel didn't get any skate rentals, she got an M&M's consolation prize. She was totally cool with it.

George thinking, "Hey, I didn't get any skate rentals either."

Rachel being so kind to share her consolation prize.

Notice his handsome haircut? I also have to confess that I Photoshopped (actually Picasa Retouched) a booger out of George's nose and a scab on his forehead. I couldn't let this picture go wasted. (I have a secret. George is my favorite. But, shhhh....don't tell my other kids.).....Just kidding, Emily.

The other day I was holding and playing with George, and I told him he was my favorite. Emily heard me and said, "Only because he's the most recent, right?" She wanted to be sure my favoritism is justified. It's fair. At some point all of my children have earned the "favorite" spot. Eventually George won't be my favorite anymore.

Jason's Hat Head
Sometimes Jason is my favorite too. Right now I'm savoring his little kid voice because it oozes cuteness. I'm going to miss it when he goes through puberty.

This is how Bradley spent much of the evening.

The Spectators. 
My hair looks really gross in this picture. I should've put on my hood.

So the evening was a success. It's funny how on a night we planned to redeem some free passes we ended up spending $50 on dinner and skate rentals (only the admission fees were free, and only for the kids.) It ends up that reading is an expensive sport and I'm not sure if I'm going to encourage it this summer. (Totally kidding. Kind of.) But, the skating was very fun and the kids had a great time!

Tomorrow we are redeeming two free hotel rooms that expire May 31. We are just staying about 12 miles away. It will be a little staycation and it will be fun to swim in a pool void of a swim team and eat popcorn while watching TV in a clean room. (The hotel rooms were not earned from the kids' summer reading. I earned them from my Priority Club membership on our trip across the country last September. Hopefully it will actually be totally free, although I might have to order some pizza for dinner. I want to get to the hotel as early as possible to take advantage of the outdoor pool and I'm not organized enough to plan and pack a meal.)

No word on my swim team pool news. I called the property management company today and they will probably get back to me tomorrow. The woman I talked to was very nice and wrote down everything I told her. She agreed it sounded weird, but she was new and didn't know much about the pool schedule.

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