Monday, April 11, 2011

Taxes Done!

I've been absent for the past week because I was working on our taxes. I just submitted our taxes electronically. I hope it works. I've never been successful at submitting them electronically before. I think it might have been due to my name not matching my social, but now that my name is officially changed, I hope it works. Oh, wait.......I just got an email that says the IRS accepted our return! I hope that's right. I guess it was the name after all! Ten whole years of filing paper returns just because I was too lazy to change my name. (How long has E-file even been around?) Anyway....

I have a bunch more to say, but I'll leave it at that because I think I'm going to hit the hay and not think about taxes anymore. Here's a picture though because yesterday was Jason's half birthday. He's a big 4 1/2 year old now:

The half birthday boy is outgrowing his tie. We are also missing one of his church shoes, so he's been wearing his sneakers with his suit for the past couple of weeks. He looks very punk. He wasn't wearing the sneakers in this picture, but he does have on the pink cowboy boots.

The half birthday cake. 
Right before this picture was taken, I went upstairs with Jason to get a shirt for him to wear because he was shirtless. He picked out his "baseball" shirt. (There's a picture of a football on the shirt.) I think we might need a lesson in sports one day. He obviously doesn't have a father who watches sports.

Tonight we had strawberry shortcake with the other half of the cake for Family Home Evening Dessert. This strawberry was 3 inches tall!

Here's a little comparison next to Thomas Jefferson to prove that the above picture wasn't trick photography. It was probably the most awesome strawberry I've ever seen. 

Also did you know that Wednesday is Thomas Jefferson's birthday? Pretty cool. I have more catching up to do and pictures to post.  I'll be back...

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