Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm in a bad mood because my Air Conditioner is broken and it's hot and humid in half of my house. At least it's not the half of my house that I sleep in. A guy is coming tomorrow to either repair it or tell me I need a new one. It's 13 1/2 years old which is about the life span of a HVAC unit in the South. It's not exactly what I wanted to put my tax refund towards, but it will be nice to be cool.

Here are some pictures of Easter:

We color eggs the old-fashioned way in food coloring and water with vinegar. Sarah dyed a two-toned blue egg. It was very pretty. The kids weren't too impressed with the white crayon trick because it didn't seem to work, but it worked when I tried.

Sunday morning was a little rushed. Emily and I are in the choir at church and we had to be there at 8:30 to practice. We opened baskets at 8 AM and then Emily and I rushed out the door.

A basket of goodies. Hershey Kisses, Hershey Miniatures, classic jelly beans, Pop Rocks, chocolate bunny, stickers, coloring book, Kit Kat, Gold Whales, Nerds, bubble wands, and a Capri Sun (not shown). Mommy and Daddy claimed all the Special Darks. I'm so glad that some of my kids do not like Pop Rocks. I enjoyed those too.

Awesome Kit Kat.

Egg Hunt. My husband hid 156 plastic eggs.

This was George's First Easter! He's become very good at scoping out dropped or forgotten chocolates, sucking the chocolate out of the foil wrapper, and drooling chocolate all over the floor and carpet.
He got a scraped nose Saturday on some cement, it's not chocolate on his nose.

The eggs were empty this year, but the kids had fun finding them. It was a bit warm out. After their hunt, they hid them for Mommy and Daddy.

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