Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No, I'm not talking about neglecting my kids. I'm admitting to the fact that I've been neglecting the blog. I've been a little inundated with things right now. Last week my husband was out of town.  This week is Thanksgiving.  I need to do our Christmas card photo shoot and that always stresses me out a bit. We showed our house this morning at 10 AM which means that it needed to be cleaned. We worked on our 72 hour kits this weekend.  Tonight was Mopping Monday.  There's more to the list, but I won't bore you.

Tonight was also Family Home Evening.  I was in charge of the activity and I chose a dance party.  We turned on some Pandora.com and danced to Stray Cats and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  It was good exercise and fun for the whole family, except for Rachel because she kept getting trampled and it made her cry. And except for George because he was sleeping.  Five out of seven isn't bad.  Here are some pics:

Tonight George joined us for the first time at the dinner table.  It was quite the milestone for him.  He was so happy that he cried the whole time he was sitting in his highchair.  He wasn't too thrilled about the torn up bread pieces.  He likes the bottle and only the bottle.

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