Sunday, November 14, 2010

4th Annual Celebrate Day

Ok, so I think it's about time I post about our 4th Annual Celebrate Day which took place on October 27 this year.  If I don't post now, I will likely never will.  And since today was a rather uneventful day, aside from a good day at church, it's a good filler post.

What is Celebrate Day?  In 2007 as part of school, my husband had Emily and Bradley come up with their own holiday.  Bradley's was Celebrate Day to occur on the last Saturday of October.  It was a day to simply celebrate.  The only rule was that Mommy and Daddy had to spend the entire day with the kids.  No solo projects or work was to be done.  Over the past few years we have added some additional traditions to the day.  The only other strict rule is that we must eat French fries and a cold dessert.  The first year we also coincidentally listened to the song "Holiday" by Madonna because it came on the radio in the car, but I couldn't find my CD this year and we weren't lucky enough for it to be on the radio.

This year we spent the day playing games.  The kids woke up at 7:30 AM and we heard them thundering down the hall shouting, "It's Celebrate Day!!!"  It was like Christmas morning.  Here are some pictures of the games we played and the Wendy's Frosties we ate:

Jason picked Chutes and Ladders

Wendy picked Monkeys on the Bed

Sarah picked Apples to Apples.

Bradley picked Parcheesi and poor Emily didn't get a chance to pick a game because we had to go to Wendy's and grocery shopping.

 The Frosties

If you are wondering what holiday Emily created in 2007, hers was "Kid Parent Day".  It was a day when the kids are the parents and the parents are the kids.  That one didn't work out so well.

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