Monday, April 14, 2008

Word of the Day

Me: I surrender!

Bradley: Mommy, what does surrender mean?

Me: It means to give up.

Emily: Why are you giving up?

Me: I'm giving up because it's simply madness trying to keep a clean house.

Wendy: Why, Mommy?

Me: *sigh*

Wendy: Mommy, why?

Me: Oh...cause you guys are just crazy.

Wendy: Ohhh tay.

Here is hungry Jason protesting my late start at lunch.


  1. is that what my kids are trying to tell me?? that they are hungry? what are they trying to tell me when they flush 2 whole rolls of toilet paper?!?!? i'm trying to figure out a natural consequence for that, but i'm stumped!! i promise i will be better at blogging.

  2. Maybe they are trying to tell you that you buy crappy toilet paper. Try Charmin Ultra Soft.