Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spiritual Comedy

I love General Conference weekend! I love having two Sunday's a year to sleep in and not worry about bathing the kids, curling hair, tying sashes, finding my church shoes, packing diaper bags. There were some good talks too - a lot of talks about strengthening the family, improving our prayers, and just improving ourselves in general. Elder Rasburn even said "Titicaca."

We sustained our new First Presidency. I have to say I really missed hearing the congregation chuckle at President Hinkley's funny remarks. But President Monson pulled through in his last talk at the end of the fourth session. He was successful at making a joke from a story about his wife being in a coma just two months ago. Ahh...such good Mormon humor. General Conference never fails to have some leader make a comment about being old followed by the congregation laughing. Getting old is hilarious.

My favorite talk was Elder Ballard's. He counseled to not watch soap operas, but no mention of Oprah. He counseled not to over schedule to avoid feeling like taxi drivers. He counseled us to "live in the moment" and not always be in a hurry. Amen! Easier said than done, but that is my goal this week. I am going to spend time with my kids this week and soak in the joy while mentally recording the details and not worrying about what I have to get done. He also counseled to abstain from any substance abuse that we might think we need to be more productive with our activities. Gasp! Is he referring to Diet Coke? Line upon line, precept upon precept. This week I'm working on spending time with my kids until I can further clarify "substance."


  1. I'm pretty sure your Diet Coke fix at 10 AM is a concern, HOWEVER it has become a known fact that there is a growing population of meth users in Utah county, aka Provo. It's the "LDS soccer moms". So, as long as you aren't a drug user, I'm sure a little Diet Coke will only help you get through the day! :) Hope you feel better about your addiction now. hahaha

  2. Hey Melinda!
    So good to hear from you! I'm so glad you have a blog too! Now we can keep better up to what's going on in our lives. It's so good to see yall are doing good. Your kids are so cute! I love your witty stories! All moms have to have a sense of humor-- and I have my share of stories to post too-- once i get to it! keep in touch! great to hear from you!