Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Joy of Analytics

Another analyzation of keywords that brought visitors to my website. Here are my favorites:
  • melinda nip slip - It didn't actually happen
  • bigboob schoolgirl - I was never one of those.
  • bikinis falling off - I hate it when that happens!
  • dehydrated placenta - Mmm. Good food storage!
  • girl shoving pepsi can up her butt - Is that possible?
  • how big are b cups - I wouldn't know.
  • june cleaver naked - Ward!
  • mature poop - aka "manure"
  • nice butt cheeks - Why, thank you.
  • woman poops in elevator reason - I haven't a clue.
  • i drank 4 sodas and then drove for 2 hours and i had to go to the bathroom so badly i wet my pants - And what exactly were you expecting to find with that search?
I am most positive that most of those visitors were disappointed with the results of their click.

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