Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Joy of Analytics

Occassionally I like to check my Google Analytics to see what search terms brought people to my website. Here are my favorites:
  • do pregnant women poop their pants
  • girl with panties stuck in her butt cheeks
  • mature pooping pants
  • peed his pants gym class
  • shaving my pubes with electric clipper
  • dehydrated placenta service
  • farting poop diaper
  • is it wrong to expect my husband to get me flowers on my birthday
  • malinda had a baby at the age 5
  • melinda bigboob
  • melinda boob
  • melinda pee
  • mommy boobs in beth
  • placenta lasagna
  • rash between butt cheeks
  • I would like to wet my pants but what will mom say

*Sigh!* I think I might talk too much about poop and boobs.

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