Friday, March 07, 2008

New Lubricant

The oil in the car was successfully changed today. D.L. worked his magic and gave me a safety plug. Let's hope it works.

You would think by the sixth kid I would know to be prepared for "blow-out" moments. Rachel had a blow out on our outing and oozed poop on her clothing. I had no change of clothes for her and only one blanket. Thankfully I brought a diaper and wipes. So I undressed her, changed her diaper, and nursed my naked baby in the lube shop.

I also had my post partum 6 week check up this morning. Everything is back to normal. I got the pap smeared and the doctor asked, "Birth Control?"
I said, "No, thank you."
With a subtle roll of the eyes and slight nod of the head he said, "See you next year," when deep down inside he knew it would probably be sooner than that.

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  1. I've been thinking about you and your 6 week old! Let's just say Walter is jealous! nuff said! I also get in trouble for not being prepared in the event of a blowout. we haven't experienced any yet this time around, but i'm pretty sure i won't be prepared when it happens. Walter doesn't quite understand this. Someday....i hope! And as for you dr. i think (not that it's up to me, but still) you should go with a midwife next time. I love my midwife! She thinks it's great everytime I get pregnant. She is always so excited. My sister's midwife delivers her babies at her house, then you wouldn't have to camp out in the hospital parking lot. OK, there are my thoughts for the night. Have a wonderful weekend.