Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Washington DC - June 30 - July 1

Finally some vacation photos. Is it lame to post photos from a vacation that was almost a month ago?

Here's some patriotic music for your enjoyment (I'm into music these days. iPods can do that to you.)

On our way to Rochester, NY we stopped in Washington DC. We stayed in Springfield, VA and took the Metro into the city in the morning. Our main destination was the Air and Space Museum. Bradley really wanted to go. He is my vacation planner. He LOVED the Air and Space Museum! I really wanted to go to the Lincoln Memorial. If you scroll through the pictures, you will find out if we made it or not:

My birthday dinner (June 30) at Cracker Barrel. Happy 35 years! My age is evenly divisible by the number of kids I have. That's cool. Unfortunately Wendy and I didn't get our themed cakes this year (our first initial in M&M's), but I didn't have to do any dishes on my birthday, which seems to be a good trade-off.

My husband insists that we have a milkshake stop everyday during a roadtrip. It gets kind of expensive, but sooo worth it! 

We spent most of July 1(Wendy's Birthday) at the the National Air and Space Museum

A lunch stop at the McDonald's food court at the museum. Emily is deep in thought about chicken McNuggets.

All day Wendy asked when we were going to ride the escalator. I think it was the highlight of the day for her. I should take my kids to the mall more often.

The Wright Brother's Plane

Eating Astronaut Ice Cream

The birthday girl by the Washington Monument.

The WWII Memorial

Taking a break and cooling off.

Ice Cream Sandwiches for dinner.

George fully enjoyed half of mine.

A Polish Sausage for the Daddy.

We made it! 
It seemed about four score and seven miles, but it was about two miles to get there from the Air and Space Museum and it was totally worth it. It's too bad you can't sit on his lap. I vaguely remember seeing the Lincoln Memorial when I was about four years old. It was more exciting this time.

I was kind of bummed that the reflecting pool was missing. We'll have to go again.
After seeing Abe, we walked to the Metro Station at the Arlington Cemetery (another mile) and rode the Metro back to Springfield and headed to Harrisburg, PA.

A stop at the Washington DC Temple at 10:30 PM. It was worth it too. It looked beautiful at night.

Thanks for looking. I hope your finger isn't fatigued from all that scrolling. More pictures coming. Don't worry. I'll start combining more days together. This was just one of the more exciting picture days ...

Gosh, with all this blogging, I haven't had time to watch any movies this week!


  1. Ty for posting again. I so enjoy your blog...

  2. I love the Air & Space Museum, too. :) I'm glad you and Wendy has such a fun birthday.