Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tonight Tonight

First of all, this is my favorite pop song right now. I could listen to it over and over. It's called Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. I think I like songs that mention California or things related to California because it's nostalgic (I grew up from age 8 to 23 in CA). I could go a good dance next to the Hollywood sign right now. That sounds like fun. You can play it while you read. I'll bet you're tapping your foot or bopping your head within 25 seconds.

So now that I have an iTouch and feeling really hip and cool, I've bought 4 songs on iTunes. Woo hoo! I'm very selective about my song purchases. If we expect our children to live up to the standards we teach them in their youth, I feel we have to live those same standards. There is a lot of really good music out right now, but the lyrics are so bad. For example, the Avril Lavigne song titled, "What the Hell?" It has a catchy little tune and reminds me of the 80's song Hey Mickey. But the chorus says:

All my life I've been good.
I'm thinking what the hell?
All I want is to mess around.
And I don't really care about...

The LAST thing I want my kids to hear is that message! I feel like I work so hard to teach them to choose the right, I don't want one line of a song to stick in their head when they are teenagers or young adults and have them think, "Avril Lavigne messes around....."  So my finger immediately goes to the Scan button when the song comes on the radio in the car. I think I rather have my kids hear swear words than that chorus. 

I really wish Katy Perry's, California Gurls, had better lyrics. I won't buy it, but I'll admit that I listen to it on the radio for the California aspect, because I like to daydream about the days I used to have sun-kissed skin that was so hot it would melt your popsicle.

Some songs are questionable. Tonight Tonight has a line that says, "I woke up with a strange tattoo."We also have taught our children that tattoos are not a good choice and that we should treat our bodies like temples. I think I might have gone overboard on the subject because the other day Wendy said to me very seriously, "Mommy, we were watching How It's Made and they had how tattoos were made. We fast forwarded it." I told her I didn't mind if they watched how they were made. I did buy the song, Tonight Tonight. If I get too picky, I will only have classical and ragtime music on my iTouch.

Secondly, the movie Diamonds was HORRIBLE! Don't ever watch it unless you enjoy watching a grandfather, son, and grandson go to a brothel in Reno, NV. I didn't finish the movie because it was gross and boring. On the other hand, I also watched Kate and Leopold. That was a good movie. I love a love story. I love sap.

Now here are some pictures from this week:

I checked on the kids before going to bed one night and George was sleeping in his sunglasses. I love moments like these that you make you smile.

Sarah's new instrument, thanks to Craig's List. My husband's dream is beginning to come true. One of the reasons he enjoys lots of kids is so he can have a family band (kind of like the Partridge Family). My husband is a musician at heart, so one day he will compose some rockin' music for the kids to play. Let's just hope that Sarah has some rhythm. I think we should name the band 401K. We are hoping to have a retirement fund of some sort one of these days. This might be it.

Rachel's half birthday was on July 22. I forgot to make a cake, but since she can't read a calendar anyway, we celebrated 2 days later.

Bradley's giant paper airplane. He taped four 8.5  x 11 sheets of paper together and folded it up. He also taped two coins to the front of the plane to make it glide better. I don't don't know how he knew to do that. I think my kids are getting smarter than me.

This is George's frustrated face. He was frustrated that he couldn't fit the ball into the toy. The picture doesn't show the face as well as it could, but his frustrated face is very ugly.

I love how George has the coordination to fit the square block into the square hole, but not the coordination to get his hands together when he claps. All in good time.

Rachel's favorite game right now is War. She loves flipping over the card and yelling "King!" for every face card she sees.

I know I still need to post pictures from our vacation. I've just been really lazy and frustrated with my uterus....

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