Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Checking In

I just wanted to check in. I'm a flaky blogger lately. I've been in a blah mood. Nothing has been normal since my miscarriage and the doctor thinks I have a polyp in my uterus. I go back to the doctor in about a week and a half and if it's still there, he will remove it. I'm not looking forward to that procedure. So that's about it. No pictures. No nothing. I've just been watching a whole lot of Encore channel movies. Let's just call it Movie Madness. I'll let you know if I recommend anything. Right now I'm watching Diamonds. I don't know if it's good yet.

I lied. Here's a picture of some progress I made yesterday. Underneath my bathroom sink was a complete mess and I organized it:



That's about as exciting as it gets. Until later......

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  1. Hope you are feeling well Melinda and everything gets back to normal soon!