Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dentist Day 2

When you have several kids you have to take them to the dentist in batches.  Today it Jason, Wendy, and Rachel's turn.  It was the first time for all of them.  They actually enjoyed it.  Rachel wasn't so sure, but she only had the dentist count her teeth, no cleaning.  I was afraid Jason and Wendy might have a cavity or two because they love bubble gum.  They chewed it almost constantly during Christmas vacation because Santa brought some Hubba Bubba.  I had to eventually hide it, but Jason seemed to be able to sniff it out and sneak it when I wasn't looking. 

We are finished and good for another six months.....or 2 years. It's my turn in March.  I have to admit I'm a little nervous they might find some cavities.  I think pregnancy has taken a toll on my teeth.

Jason getting flouride painted on his teeth.

Wendy opening wide.  Wendy was my child who didn't cut her first tooth until she was 18 months.  She was a very strange looking toddler, but she could gum just about anything.

Rachel getting all 20 of her teeth counted.  I wonder how much they bill my insurance for that.

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