Monday, May 26, 2008

I"ve been a little under the weather

My apologies for my blogging slackness. I was suffering from an acute case of Blog Envy the past few days. Every now and then I go on a blog stalk and come across some very lovely blogs. After reading them, I get this feeling of inadequacy and feel like my blog just doesn't measure up to the talents of these fine women and mothers. I envy the poetic posts of the sentimental mother. I envy the artistic photography of another. I envy the witty humor. I envy the creative projects they start and are able to finish. I envy the awesome blog header that they probably designed themselves. I envy the number of comments they receive. I envy their children's beautiful hair. I envy their Etsy shops.

My blog esteem was lifted yesterday when a woman at church told me her daughter loves my blog. And to top that off, I got a comment yesterday that said, "I just found your blog. Very enjoyable!" Wow. It even got an exclamation point. OK. I will repent and turn my envy into admiration. I'm back to blogging.

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