Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Drama

Emily had a friend over to play today and this is their drama.

Piano, guitar, and singing come to a sudden halt. Emily runs into the family room and buries her head in the couch and pretends to cry. Her friend comes to console her.

FRIEND: It's ok. It's going to snow really hard tomorrow and the power is going to go out for 100 years."

EMILY: No, 1000 years ... or ... 1269 years."

FRIEND: Yeah, 1260 years. So we can't have band practice tomorrow.

It's morning. They run through the house screaming, "Snow everywhere! It's so cold! Get blankets!"

Bradley (standing strong in the middle of the room ): I never get cold.

More screaming and running.

EMILY: I'm going to get frozen!

FRIEND: Come on, we've got to get away from this lava!

EMILY: Pretend I am stuck in the woods. Bradley, stand there and pretend you're a tree and I am going to grab onto you.

Emily loses grip of the tree and as a result more screaming.

EMILY: A walking tree!

More running and screaming and pitter patter of footsteps upstairs.
A few moments later they all come into the kitchen.

EMILY: Mommy, can we watch a movie?

The drama is over.

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