Friday, March 02, 2007

I was craving an episode of SpongeBob this morning so I grabbed the remote and sat on the couch. I entered 026, Nickelodeon, and accidentally got Blue's Room. Bradley caught a quick glimpse of the furry blue dog and shouted, "Blue's Room!" But I corrected my error quickly and entered 132, Nick Too, and as I predicted an episode of SpongeBob was playing. Bradley protested my choice and begged for Blue's Room. I tried to persuade him that Blue was for babies and he was too old for it. Whenever I sit down to watch TV with my kids, they gravitate toward me like magnets and snuggle close almost to the point of annoyance. So by this point Emily was at my right side with her arm hooked under mine. Finally I gave in to Bradley and pressed the previous channel button. Blue was on the screen teaching about Pointillism. I said, "I guess we can watch something educational." Then Emily added with a disgusted tone, "When we watch this show, we learn."

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