Saturday, March 03, 2012

Valentine's Day - The Day After

I used to consider myself a Stay-at-Home mom/Homemaker/Blogger. But I'm afraid that I don't deserve the "blogger" title anymore. It makes me sad. But what matters is that I'm blogging now. Sometimes life happens and I just have to take an evening or week...or two weeks...or three... to do nothing but watch TV while I watch what other people are pinning on Pinterest.

My last post was February 14. I had plans to blog the following day with our post Valentine's Day candy shopping excursion and field trip to learn fractions and percentages, with an emphasis on 1/2 and 50%. We went to Walmart and Target. Walmart was by far the bigger jackpot. Target was nearly entirely out of any good candy, but I did get a cute apron. Here are the pictures of what the kids picked out:

Each kid got to pick something. These aren't necessarily what they picked for themselves. I just told them to grab something out of the cart so I could take a picture.

 After Walmart we were hungry so instead of going home to eat lunch we stopped and got pizza pizza at Little Caesar's. You really can't beat pizza for $5 each. We usually have frozen pizza for lunch on Fridays, so I substituted it on Wednesday and it only cost a few dollars more.

They played on the playground for a while. I love having a 10 year old to help push the little ones on the swings.

Playing in the sandbox. Yes, they are all mine. That's a lot of kids.

Then we went to Target. Since they didn't have much to pick from, I let the kids play in the outdoor section where the lawn furniture and grill are. They never have a lack of imagination. However, they got in an argument. Emily wanted to pretend they were adults who were in their 30's. Bradley thought playing a game "in your 30's" was dumb. He wanted to play a game where they were in their 20's and in college. Their arguments were cracking me up. They ended up playing separate games.

Meanwhile, George took a nap on the Valentines' Day clearance pillow that we borrowed for a moment.

Jason has no idea what Twilight even is, but he HAD to have this Twilight tin! he just thought it was so cool, mostly because it came with an Edward necklace.

Rachel HAD to have this Barbie heart box. Can you imagine the disappointment and tears when she opened it and discovered there were no chocolates inside? Yes, it was devastating, and in my opinion, quite rude for the candy company to do something so deceptive like that. I even paid a $1 extra for the "Barbie" box. Thankfully Rachel has some very kind sisters that shared some of their chocolates. Jason's tin contained the same candy as Rachel's, but he didn't seem as bothered by it because he had his chain necklace as a consolation prize. He shoved all of the gummies in his mouth at the same time.

Sarah and Emily picked these heart boxes. I see they are gaining wisdom as they grow older. The bigger the better.

This is the whole stash that we came home with. Bradley chose a bag of caramel filled Dove milk chocolate. I had to pay close attention while checking out at Walmart because not everything was ringing up at 50% and the clerk had to manually ring it.

Mom and Dad's stash and my new cute apron.

OK, that is the day after Valentine's Day. I think I will end this post here. I have more to say about my past week.

To be continued....

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  1. Your kids are too cute! Especially George taking a nap in the cart, lol, that's awesome. All that candy looks amazing, you are such a cool mom!!