Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love at First Sight

So a few weeks ago there was a good deal on Woot for the Shark Pocket Mop. I don't usually like gimmicky cleaning gadgets because they are more of a disappointment than the awesomeness they portray on the infomercial. But I couldn't pass it up because it was about half of the retail price. I figured if I didn't like it, I could probably Craigslist it for close to the amount of what I paid for it. Well, it arrived, and of course it didn't perform as awesomely as I hoped it to. However, I am well aware that there is no miracle solution to cleaning a kitchen floor of the dirt and grime that comes along with a nine member family. I still love Shark though. She doesn't make the job go any faster, but I like the fact that she steams the floor and sanitizes it for at least the next day for when George eats food off the floor. The best part about her arrival was that she is the perfect companion for Dyson.

It was love at first sight and they celebrated their first Valentine's Day today.

Jason and Sarah. I think the throat hold just looks so loving.

We don't normally celebrate V-day on the 14th because I don't like spending full price on flowers and chocolate, but my husband broke the rules and bought flowers for the girls from the boys. I suppose it's my fault, because I asked my husband to pick up some milk, butter, and bananas on his way home from work and he got sucked into the peer pressure of all the other husbands at the store buying stuff for their wives.

Rachel admiring her carnation. She was the rebellious girl today that didn't wear pink, red, or hearts.

Wendy thought the girls' flowers were better than Mommy's flowers because they were bigger. She hasn't caught on that carnations are a B list flower. The white ones will make good science experiements though, when we put them in a glass of colored water. 
(I can't help but be practical and educational with my flower receiving.)

My pink roses. Whenever my husband buys me flowers I can't help but think of what kind of dent it put in my budget. I really do appreciate them. But I appreciate even more the grocery store sushi my husband brought home along with the flowers. I love grocery store California Rolls!
Can you see my new cabinet behind me? Remember way back in January when I had a Solution Resolution to fix my kitchen counter clutter? Well I did get that accomplished. I still need to post 'after' pictures, after I get my kitchen counters cleared....AGAIN! 

My next door neighbor brought over a 7 oz. giant Hershey Kiss today that she got at work. She didn't want it because she doesn't eat milk chocolate (Why doesn't she eat milk chocolate? I don't know.) But we graciously accepted it. In order to serve it fairly, we had to weigh each serving to make sure each child got exactly 1 oz. I like to call it Chocolate Math Class.

George enjoying his ounce of milk chocolate.

The kids did some artwork today. I really liked what Emily painted. 

Tomorrow we will continue our annual tradition of shopping for chocolate the day after Valentine's Day at 50% off. Another Chocolate Math Class. 

In other news: I went to the doctor again today for a regularly scheduled prenatal checkup. My abdominal aching returned yesterday afternoon and it radiates to my back. He agreed to scan my gallbladder, but they didn't find anything. I'm beginning to think it's simply just mid-back pain due to a shift in my center of gravity, since my belly significantly popped out about a week ago. It doesn't feel very digestive system related anymore, but rather more muscular-skeletal. Pregnancy in my 30's isn't what it was like in my 20's. It's no wonder that pregnancy at age 35+ is labeled a "Geriatric Pregnancy". So, I'm not going to be paranoid about it and I'm NOT going to Google any symptoms because it will only cause me to stress and not blog, and we can't have that!


  1. I have missed your quirky humor thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Aw.Thank you! I love when my sense of humor is described as "quirky". :)

  2. Rats, I read this too late... I bet all the 50% off candy is gone already, lol! I had my gallbladder out in between my boys and it made my second pregnancy easy breezy, I hear they can take it out while you are pregnant now though... neat! Good luck!

    1. I'm feeling much better. I don't know what it was, but it was an annoying nagging pain.