Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Schedule

So here is our Sunday Schedule:

7:00 AM
Wake up and get ready for church. I take a shower and get dressed while my husband wakes up the kids and gets most of them dressed. When I'm finished, I go to the kids room and re-tie all the dress sashes (shh, don't tell my husband) and curl the girls' hair. All of my children have ZERO curl to their hair. When I look around at all the different families in church, it seems to me that there is at least one child in every family that has naturally curly hair. I get a little jealous because I love curls. But since my children were not blessed with natural curls, we fake it and I spend about 20 minutes each Sunday morning taming their hair with a curling iron, because if I didn't they would look like complete ragamuffins. While I'm curling hair, the rest of the siblings are finishing getting dressed, cleaning their room, making their beds, and playing.

8:15 AM
We go downstairs and eat breakfast which is usually cold cereal. Usually the kids and I start breakfast while my husband finishes getting ready (he takes longer than me.) While the kids eat, I put bows in hair, make sure socks and shoes are on, diaper bag is packed, put away last night's dried dishes, check my Facebook, etc.

8:55 AM
We say family prayer and head out the door to the car.

9:05 or 9:10
Arrive at church. Arrival time depends on how successful loading the van went. Jason likes to "win" which means he likes to buckle his car seat before I can finish helping Rachel buckle her car seat. If Rachel wins because Jason was being a slow poke, a tantrum will ensue and delay us. Therefore, I have learned to procrastinate buckling Rachel until the very last minute. Usually the routine ends with Jason shouting, "I wonned!"

9:30 - 12:30 PM
I know, we crazy Mormons go to church for three hours. However today was a little different. We had Stake Conference so it was only two hours. But it's a much more difficult than the regular three hours because the kids are sitting with us the whole time. Normally we pass them off to Sunday School teachers after the first hour. However we survived today, thanks to blank paper, colored pencils, a sippy cup, and books.

1:00 PM
Arrive home and prepare lunch. Every Sunday we eat scrambled eggs and either grits or hashbrowns. I crack the eggs, Jason stirs them, and Emily usually cooks them. My husband has his hashbrown cooking routine down and is training Emily how to do it. Sarah is usually the toast maker. One of the other kids will set the table, including Rachel. It's a pretty good routine, if the kids don't get too distracted by toys in the playroom.

1:30 - 2:00 PM
Eat lunch and discuss what we learned at church. It's always fun to hear what the kids did in their Sunday School classes.

2:00 - 4:00 PM
Clean up lunch, play games, sometimes I will take a nap, etc. Today we made cream puffs. It was Bradley's idea because he got a French cookbook at the library and he thought the recipe looked yummy. We also have piano and instrument recitals when the kids play what they've been working on all week.

4:00 PM
Get ready to go to church for a class my husband and I teach.

5:00 PM
My husband and I were recently called to serve as group leaders for the Addiction Recovery Program. So we stick our kids in a classroom at church to play hangman on the chalkboard and hope that somebody shows up to our class. Not that we hope that people have addictions, but we hope to feel useful and of service. It's a wonderful program that focuses on learning how to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ to overcoming an addiction. It's based on other 12 step programs, but the main difference is that it teaches how to turn your burdens over to Christ and how to become free from them.

6:30 PM
Dinner at home. Usually we have sliced cheese, microwave popcorn, applesauce and other stuff that doesn't not require cooking because it's my day of rest.

7:30 ish PM
Kids go to bed, I finish cleaning up the kitchen, and if I'm a good girl, I will blog.

Why did I tell you our Sunday Schedule? I don't know, but it all began with me wanting to tell you about this genius idea I had a couple of weeks ago.... Since Sunday is my day of rest, I hate (hate is a strong word that I seldom use, but is totally appropriate in this instance) to wash dishes on Sunday, or for anybody to have to wash them. I just want to finish lunch and do something spiritual or restful/sleepful, NOT clean dishes. The dirty Sunday dishes were beginning to make me angry, so my genius idea was to buy nice paper plates. I usually buy the very cheap paper plates which just don't work with eggs and grits because they are too wet. So I've decided to splurge a bit for Sundays and buy some higher quality plates. Why did I not think of this 10 years ago?! Probably because I was trying to save money and be all tree huggerish and good to the environment, but at this point in my life I'm willing to sacrifice a tree. In the meantime I'm saving water and it's totally balanced. Maybe I will plant a tree in honor of my paper plates on Arbor Day.

Aren't they beautiful paper plates?

Look at the beauty in the disposableness of those plates....

It was fill-your-own cream puffs. We made delicious whipped cream filling.

Bradley eating his cream puff. He didn't even like it. I think he was expecting more of a donut-like texture and taste. Also notice his black eye. He doesn't know how he got it. Jason probably whacked him while they were sleeping.

They took this picture yesterday. My husband cleared out a lot of Zinnia from the garden beds and the kids were catching butterflies while holding the flowers.

Speaking of Arbor Day....Did you know that Nebraska is the home of Arbor Day? Yeah, I didn't either until I took a picture of the state sign last fall on our way home from California:

The funny thing is, I took this picture in Nebraska shortly after I took the picture of the sign. It looks like Nebraska doesn't observe Arbor Day a whole lot. I think they need to practice what they preach because my paper plates don't grow on trees....wait a minute.....actually they kind of do. My point is, Nebraska needs to plant some trees so I don't feel guilty using paper plates , don't you think?


  1. Looks kind of like the Colorado plains. Ty for blogging!

  2. can Walter come to your class? he might need help with his TV addiction! :)

  3. Those are awesome Sunday ideas! I love your kitchen table by the way, nice and big! It was so great to meet you on Sunday, have a great week!