Monday, September 12, 2011

Cream Puffs and Charades

Tonight for Family Home Evening we played Charades and ate Cream Puffs. I would like to be able to say our Family Home Evening Lesson coordinated with the dessert, and had to do with something about how each of are very unique, and that we might look different and be all different shapes and sizes, but we we are all very good on the inside and share the common trait of having a divine nature. But I didn't think of that until the kids were in bed. It's too bad because it would've been a good lesson. Maybe next time. Instead our lesson was on fasting, which was a good lesson also, but obviously we weren't fasting today because we indulged on these divine desserts:

The Squatty Puff

The Perfect Puff

The Messy Puff

The Oozing Puff

Don't let Bradley fool you. He didn't like cream puffs the second night around either. He posed for a picture and opted for a cookie.

It's very hard to eat a cream puff without getting messy, which is just like life. Life can get messy and difficult at times, but the yumminess (The Gospel, Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus) are still there. Man, I'm good with the analogies!

We put some sprinkles on them.

The Sweaty Puff. 
Seriously, Rachel is my sweatiest kid. Her forehead is wet often and she gets beads of sweat on her nose  when she sleeps.

The Guido Puff

Jack-o-Lantern Puff

The Cream Puff
All George ate was a bowl full of whipped cream and he was totally fine with it. It probably tasted like a condensed version of his bottle.

He waited for his siblings to go upstairs to slurp the cream out of the leftover puffs.

Tonight was a success. For some reason it made me happy to see chocolate handprints on the stairway walls tonight. As I wiped them off with a baby wipe, it made me happy to think that my kids are growing up with good memories. I might not be the nicest and sweetest mom all the time, but chocolate and whipped cream can bring a sweet end to any day.

I have two favorite parts of my day:

1. George is enjoying table food these days (obviously.) This morning Jason left the remnants from his bowl of cereal on the table. George was very excited to find it and practice his spoon skills. I didn't feel like cleaning up the sticky milk mess off the table and floor, so I took the bowl away from him. I wish I had a video of his reaction, but it was EXTREME disappointment. He had the saddest face I've ever seen. Then he put his hand to his mouth and gasped in a big breath of air and looked at me with a look that said, "How could you do that to me?" and he continued crying. Talk about pulling some heart strings!! I gave it back to him and let him enjoy the soggy cereal to his heart's content. It is Mopping Monday tonight anyway, so it didn't really matter if the floors got a little stickier today.

2. Watching George trying to carry a very large and heavy box of microwave popcorn. He made noises that sounded a lot like a Sumo wrestler while he tried to lift up the box. Then he would get so mad and cry when he dropped it and tripped over it. He tried three times before giving up.

I kind of feel like this post is George dominated, but I can't help it. He's a lot of fun right now. I'll try to focus on another kid next time.


  1. wait a minute! you have a blonde haired boy! he's a cutie!! :)

  2. OK, all your kids have light hair, but he is like BLONDE! I love it!

  3. Great great blog Melinda! Also, as I think back on my childhood, I remember well all the "nicest and sweetest" things my mom (and dad) did for me. I remember the other things as well, but later realized they were just guidance to help me "grow." I specifically remember when my mom made cookies (from scratch), she always put one in a small pan and baked it to taste for flavor or does it have the proper amount of flower etc. It was called a "tryer." She would take a bite, and then guess who would get the remainder of this nice warm cookie? Aaaaaa.....correct.

  4. Bradley had VERY light hair at this age, so unfortunately George probably won't keep his very blonde hair much longer. Will you not like him anymore when it changes? :)