Saturday, June 11, 2011

Slow Saturday

Just a little update. I still haven't bled this baby out yet, but I hope to in the next week. I'm anxious to get it over with. Blighted is taking her merry ole time. So I have this theory why Blighted became blighted. The ultrasound dated my pregnancy at about six weeks. It was exactly at six weeks that I came down with the stomach virus that all of my kids had. Remember? I spent Mother's Day puking. Normally I don't think stomach viruses jeapordize pregnancies. I had a stomach virus when I was about six to seven weeks pregnant with Rachel and she turned out fine. Well....she doesn't talk a whole lot yet, but she's only three. However, this virus was strange because my sinus infection that seemed impossible to get rid of, and George's goopy eyes that he had for three months all miraculously cleared up after we were through with the stomach virus. My suspicions tell me that my immune system might have mistakenly said, "Hmmm, what's this foreign thing in Melinda's uterus? Let's get that too, while we're at it. ATTACK!"  And poor baby fetus became blighted. (sad face) Wah Wah Wah Wah (click that link and you get to hear my sound effect for the situation.) Anyway, that's my theory for now. It sounds a lot better than "rotten old eggs."

I cut the girls hair today. It was long overdue. I look forward to curling freshly cut ends tomorrow morning.

I went to Walmart today. Yay. As I began my shopping, I saw a friend from church. She expressed how she was sorry to hear my news and asked me how I was doing. At first I was wondering how she knew, then I remembered "Duh, I publicly (please don't mistake that for "pubicly") announced it on my blog. I broke down crying. I probably could've held it together if I had not been standing in front of a monstrous display of maxi pads, but they were staring me in the face. I feel bad for putting her in that awkward situation, but she was very nice and compassionate.

So, there are a billion different types of maxi pads! It can be mind boggling. I think I like Always the best. Now if I could just have some substantial bleeding, it might actually be fun to give them a test drive. (I'm sure this is TMI for my male audience. Sorry, guys.)

I don't know if you can read it or not, but that little conversation bubble is the package saying, "It's alright to have a little fun and indulge now and then." I never realized pads were an indulgence, but I suppose it's better than newspaper or cucumber leaves. I'm totally living on the wild side and indulging with the ultra thins!

We went to the library yesterday. We have a special bookshelf in our family room where we keep all the library books. Unfortunately, it's at George's level and he thinks it's a great place for a books too.

Why do babies think they need to do that?
(And, yes, we have over 100 library books at the moment. 69 of them are due on Tuesday.)

He's really hard to get mad at though. 

George loves watermelon, except when Mommy leaves part of the rind on it.

George learned how to use a fork today. I enjoyed watching him during the whole experience.

Now this kid, Jason, is a lot of fun too. He made himself a new pair of eyes.

Jason does has a mischievous and defiant side. Since the experts say we shouldn't hit our children, we have found that a successful discipline tactic is to threaten Jason with a cold shower. In my opinion, Time Outs are a waste of time for both child and parent. I'm sure Super Nanny would disagree, but I've never had much luck with them. Most times that I get frustrated with my children is when they are not cleaning. It's not very effective to sit them in a corner so they don't have to clean, as punishment for not cleaning. Anyway, Jason does NOT like cold showers. He will usually obey once the threat is issued. We have only carried through with it a few times.

But now that summer is here (I know summer officially begins June 21, but we are having 90 degree weather everyday now), it has become very ineffective. The cold tap water is at a constant 82 degrees which is 4 degrees warmer than the the room temperature in our home.

So our new threat is Wasabi. He got a taste of it the other night. Jason has a bad habit of sucking on the neckline of his shirts. It's destroying them and stretching them out, not to mention it looks disgusting and they won't last for George. I wasn't there when the punishment was executed, but I think it was effective. He didn't suck on his shirt all day today.

As I was researching to make sure Wasabi wasn't dangerous for kids because it stopped their heart, or anything like that (responsible parenting), I came across this Google Search result. You know how sometimes when you browse the internet you can find the answer to your question by simply reading the Google Search result description? Well, this is a good example of when NOT to depend on the description to give you the answer to the question you were searching for. It made me laugh. I hope nobody thinks Wasabi is a good "Natural Toothpaste that their kids will love."

So that was my Saturday. Not all that eventful, but it was relaxing. That's what Saturdays are for, right?


  1. That cold water trick is funny. I need to know if the wasabi works, Kenny's collars are all stretched out and soaking wet.

  2. Did you watch the show on Dr. Phil about the woman who was charged with child abuse for cold showers and hot sauce punishments for her children? What you're doing is child abuse too. Your poor children shouldn't fall victim to your irresponsible parenting tactics. Just because you live in the south does not mean that your children are your slaves and should not be punished as such. I am shocked that you would treat your own flesh and blood this way and brag about it on the internet. You are sick and should get help. We will pray for your children. No 4 year old, or any child for that matter deserves emotional/physical abuse. Maybe you should pay attention to your children and spend time with them instead of sitting on the internet researching how to punish them and talking about yourself. Child abuse is no joking matter and not considered "cute'

  3. Dear, Anonymous. I don't know if you will ever read this, but I wanted to respond:

    I find it ironic that you asked me if I watched the Dr. Phil show when you also recommend that I get off the Internet and pay more attention to my children. I do not have time to watch daytime television because I am spending my days with my children, playing, teaching, reading, making meals for them, as well as the many other duties that go along with nurturing my children . I blog in the evenings when my children are in bed.

    I apologize if I gave the impression that cold showers were used when my children don't clean. Cold showers and wasabi have never been used for that nor will they be. They are in fact an extremely rare occasion. I regret if I implied that it was a daily ritual because it is not. Also, I might add, it is never used with a child that is old enough to be corrected with reason. That is ALWAYS the preferred method of correction in our home. Just to be clear, I do not treat my children as slaves. I am working along with them during our family afternoon clean up session. I use positive reinforcement (verbal praise and rewards)to encourage children of all ages to clean up and be a contributing member of the family.

    I find it interesting that you are quick to judge my parenting techniques, but fail to offer any successful discipline alternatives. As parents we all depend on each other to lift one another up and help each other on the road to successful and righteous parenting. You have done nothing but try to make me feel like a failure as a parent and tell me that I am sick and need help. I am confident that I am a wonderful and competent mother, raising confident children, that receive an abundance of love, attention, and education from both their mother and father. I appreciate all prayers on mine and my children's behalf. I think all families in this conflicted world can benefit from the power of prayer to keep us on the straight and narrow path of righteous parenting and an enjoyable childhood. I appreciate you bringing to my attention the possible consequences of such discipline when the world is so quick to judge a parent on their techniques. We are not given a physical handbook at the hospital when our children our born, and it is up to our judgement on the methods used to correct disobedience. At times we might not use our best judgement. I will think twice next time before turning on the cold tap or breaking out the wasabi (unless, of course, the wasabi is for my own sushi enjoyment, or the water is to cool down in this sweltering Southern heat).

    I realize it's difficult to glean an accurate perspective from a few blog posts of one woman's blog as to the whole picture of her life and her personality. I can only assume that you are truly anonymous and have never met me. I am sure if you met me and spent time with my family, that you would learn that we provide a loving home full of goodness to our children. Perhaps we would even be good friends that would offer guidance and encouragement to one another.

    I don't claim to be a perfect parent. I have much to learn and correct regarding my own faults on this road, as every parent does. I rely on the Holy Spirit to be my guide when dealing with difficult situations. When I feel I have failed, I get on my knees and pray for forgiveness and ask to know how I might better handle a similar situation in the future.

    I hope you get to visit the South sometime! I think you will realize we don't still believe in slavery and it's a beautiful place! The best months to visit are April and October. Much love to you and thanks for the comment. :)

  4. Good response to "Anonymous." I don't usually comment on blogs I visit, regardless of the content. I don't have a blog of my own because I don't feel like putting up with people like "Anonymous." "Anonymous" is a bit fanatical and we all know the harm fanatics do. Now if you said you poured Wasabi down your children's throats every time they needed correction, I would agree. However putting it on a collar to discourage chewing on the collar is hardly child abuse and most likely a very effective way to quickly stop the chewing (unless your child is like I have always been and ends up liking the taste!).

    Anonymous 2 (don't want any confusing with the other Anonymous)

  5. Thank you, Anonymous 2. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. And I can assure you that we were not pouring wasabi down his throat :)

  6. Oh my! JoAn shared your story with me last night. I'm sure that if "Anonymous" knew you personally, they would have read the blog and smiled as I did -knowing you and your humor!