Sunday, February 07, 2010


Today my husband took the oldest three kids to church for a service project. It was an organized activity mostly involving yard work around the building. Afterward the ward celebrated with a pig roast and lots of food. Since tomorrow is Fast Sunday, my husband thought he should stuff himself silly. I don't know why he thinks he needs to do that because we all know we are more starving the day after Thanksgiving than any other normal morning. Anyway, my husband can't pass up good free food.

When he came home he complained of being too stuffed to do anything. He always likes to drink lots of water before a fast, but there just wasn't any space in his stomach to do so, so he had to delay beginning his fast. He went upstairs to do some work on his computer while leaving me downstairs with the kids watching Wow Wow Wubzi. After about 20 minutes I went upstairs to talk to him and he was in our bedroom laying on the bed reading a book. He saw my look of surprise and he quickly explained how uncomfortable he was and that he could hardly sit in his chair because his belly was so full.

My response?

"Now sit there feeling like that for three months!"

He quickly realized the silliness of his relatively temporary complaint and I think gained some true empathy for his pregnant wife. That made me happy and I was very forgiving of his complaint.

I've just recently reached the stage of the shortness of breath while in the sitting position. Rachel loves to sit on my lap and I've made her quite unhappy several times by not letting her. I feel like I'm suffocating when she's on my lap. I can see the local news headline:

"Pregnant mother of six suffocates to death from 2 year old sitting on lap."

How sad would that be?

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