Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There's been another casualty in the household. How many things can a family break in one week? Sunday, David broke one of our seven year old cereal/soup bowls. His sensitive fingers could not withstand the heat of the angel hair pasta penetrating the bowl. Bradley broke the Mary Poppins soundtrack, a result of being unaccustomed to the method of releasing a CD from it's case. The toy box hinge mysteriously broke. Sarah broke one of my set of four white Corelle bowls as she tried to independently get herself a cup of water. And Bradley's careless elbow knocked one of my favorite juice glasses to the tile floor. Added to the two spoons I've accidently garbage disposaled, our kitchen is becoming a collection of misfits. Emily on the other hand thankfully doesn't break much, except for maybe some wind. Oh yes, and Wendy managed to wedge a half dollar coin beneath the A key on our piano. Thankfully, I was able to remove it harmlessly.

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