Saturday, August 25, 2007

So in 20 years we'll reflect on the past and read this post and say, "Remember that time when 4 year old Bradley thought it would be a good idea to experiment with other ways to open a Diet Pepsi soda can? And he found success with the pretend wooden soup can?" (laughter) "Yeah, that sure did puncture a nice hole in the side of the can. Who would have thought?" (more laughter) "I remember hearing, "Oops! Sorry!" and a panicked soda-sprayed face frantically entering the kitchen holding a squirting can of soda. He feared the worst and the panic on his fact left when he saw me just laugh." (laughter) "Ahhh! Who would have thought Diet Pepsi would stain our white 2 inch blinds?" (laughter fades)

Thank goodness for Oxiclean!

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