Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today I was especially observant of the people at church today. I love to see the colorful personalities. Today there was the 8 year old boy with an orange pair of pliers plotting his next scheme in a small, pocket notebook, the mother trying to keep her 3 year old child occupied with the pictures in a Captain Underpants book, the grandfather fast asleep, the teenager doodling what teenagers doodle, the boy with a large eyeball behind a magnifying glass, the lonely husband with a pew all to himself whose family must have been out of town, two young girl cousins passing notes back and forth, the 6 year old girl singing the chorus of "Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning" loudly and slightly off key (she's mine), the 2 year old girl eating a strawberry push pop sucker, the eight year old boy with his head on his mom's lap, the struggling mother with her screaming toddler child, the 4 year old boy making a chair out of hymn books (he's mine), two menopausal women fanning themselves with the program, the small, mature, businessman-like 12 year old sitting reverently with his parents, and the toddler girl sticking crayons one by one into her mother's cleavage (she's mine.) I love church!

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