Saturday, March 11, 2006

This morning the kids woke up too early. They entered our bedroom just before 8 AM. When they finally got bored when we didn't let them watch cartoons, they left and played in the girls' room. After a few moments I could hear giggling and a baby Wendy crying. It's unusual for Wendy to cry in the morning, so I got my lazy body out of bed to check on things. I figured she was hungry. But when I walked into the bedroom, I saw a crib filled to the brim with every toy and pillow in the room. She wasn't hungry, she was pleading for her life! As I dug her out, I told the kids to never do that again, and then I felt a very hard lump in the seat of Wendy's diaper. My mind was turning, trying to think of what she could have possibly eaten to produce a turd that large and solid. Frightened, I unsnapped her sleeper and opened her diaper to find a plastic piece of pineapple and a 4in.X2in.X1in. loaf of wooden bread. Apparently the kids thought it was amusing to stuff her diaper with play food the evening before. I am curious as to what the babysitter was thinking last night when she took Wendy up to bed. Wendy is a very tolerant baby.

Today I took Bradley and Emily to see Curious George at the movie theater. I thought I had a brilliant idea of buying 20 oz. bottles of soda to sneak in. Unfortunately, Bradley drank his whole bottle and some of mine. He told me he had to go potty, but I convinced him he could hold it until the end of the movie. He was very good at being patient, but at the last five minutes he firmly declared that he had to go potty or he was going to go in his pants. So we left and missed the ending. However, it was worth it to see Bradley sit on the potty and hear him say, "Ahhhhh, that's better!"

"The Diaper"

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