Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I apologize to my fans for the extended delay in my posts. You see, my kids just don't do funny things when I have morning sickness. (Yes, that's right, number five is on its way.) Anyway, today was pretty good day. I was ambitious enough to attempt to organize the playroom. We counted the Lego pieces, sorted Mr. Potato Head parts, gathered Connect Four checker pieces, dressed the Barbie and Kelly dolls, and put things back in their places. So I hope to do better on my posts. We'll see. Don't give up on me.

Last night Emily recognized and acknowledged the fact that it feels good to laugh. She and David played the game where one would try to make the other laugh and the other would try not to laugh. Bradley joined in later on. David used the philosophy if it works, keep doing it. So the fart sounds repeatedly got the laughter.

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