Saturday, August 06, 2005

Last night David and I were able to go on our much needed and anticipated date night. We were thrilled to learn that Miss Rachael, our babysitter, saves her Friday nights for us. Our reaction: "Yes!!!" She is a fantastic babysitter. The house is often cleaner when we come home. The kids adore her. Bradley has a crush on Rachael.

Today was a day! Picture day for Emily, Bradley and Sarah. Fortunately the session went great. All kids were very cooperative and we were able to spend $225 on fabulous portraits. Of course there was bribing involved. Can't go a day without a good bribe. Dangling fun fruits in front of Bradley got a couple of good smiles out of him. If allowed, Bradley would eat a whole box of fun fruits (all ten packs), even princess ones.

I had the pleasure of mowing the lawn while David worked on his businesses. Today he worked on a website. After chores and kid's naps, we took a family expedition to to the local sandwich shop, Old Navy and the grocery store. The grocery store got new shopping carts. Not the most exciting thing for most people. But I was delighted because they are the deep kind not the shallow ones that they used to have. That's important when shopping for a family of six. And they were blue and drove so smoothly. The things mothers go gaga over!

We parked kind of close to the car next to us. So to avoid filing an insurance claim, the entire family loaded from the rear of our 12 passenger van.

"I'll buckle the kids. You take care of the stroller.", David said. "Kids, get in your seats!"

While David buckles, I fold the stroller and lift it into the van. Meanwhile, Wendy sits crying in her infant seat in the cargo area. The noise of high pitched children's voices fill the van,

"Daddy, why do I have to get in my seat?", says Emily.

"Daddy, Mulan", says Bradley.

"Da da da", says Sarah.

"Daddy, where's my Rapunzel?, says Emily.

"I don't know, get in your seat", says Daddy.

"Ba ba ba."

"Daddy, Mulan."

"Daddy, I need help!", says Emily.

"Get in your seat! I'll help you in a minute."

"Ba da ga ba."

"Daddy, Mulan."

"Mulan, Bradley?"

"Yeah", Bradley replies, smiling.

"Oh, cool", says Daddy with no idea to what Bradley is referring.

"Daddy, I can't buckle. It's too hard! Where's my doll?"

Finally Daddy finishes buckling three children, lifts crying Wendy over two bench seats and snaps her seat into its base. I climb in, shut the doors and walk my way to the front of the van. Looking back from the front seat there are three smiling, babbling faces, with one rear facing, bright-eyed 5 week old baby. David and I plop into our captain's chairs and I can't do anything but just laugh as David is slumped over the steering wheel crying, "Ohhhh, what have we done?" The children suddenly become absolutely silent because they know their parents have lost it.

Church tomorrow. A day of rest!

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