Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I walked into the kitchen to microwave some day-old pasta for lunch. Attached to my left breast was my one month old infant. As I was standing with baby in left hand and trying to open the Tupperware with right hand, the container slipped and knocked a plastic Moe's cup (a "counting" one) full of orange juice onto the floor and Emily who was being towed by a Fisher Price scooter, driven by her younger brother Bradley. Much to my disappointment, my newly cleaned floors were now contaminated by a sticky mess. Good thing for my stack of bath towels kept handy for situations such as these. This time I had no one to blame but myself. Why is it that kids love to flock to spilled puddles on the floor? Sarah dipped her toes in the puddle while Bradley rolled his scooter through it and Emily took her juice soaked pants off anxious to join the fun. My dilemma was, do I relieve my bladder of its uncomfortable fullness or clean up the mess before it becomes a disaster? I decided to avoid disaster. I put baby Wendy in her "travel yard" screaming and starving then grabbed a towel to mop up the mess. Finally I relieved my discomfort and attempted lunch again. I recovered as much pasta as possible and divided it among three bowls and sprayed on butter and served it. I was going to fix myself something later during naps. I went to the computer to check my emails. Never leave children at a kitchen table unsupervised. I returned to find parmesan cheese spread over the table, on the chairs and pasta dropped one by one onto the floor, compliments of Sarah. I didn't even get any good emails to make the mess worthwhile. It was time for naps! My later fixin's ended up being a sour dour roll, two slices of cheese and four Oreos with a glass of water. I look so forward to date night dinner.

I did get to go shopping at Walmart after David got home this evening. Not without a price, though. I had to take Wendy for her one month photo shoot. When Emily was a baby, it seemed like a good idea to take an inexpensive portrait session every month of their first year. Fourth time around? Pain in the neck! I hope they appreciate their monthly portraits when they are grown.

I returned $45 worth of clothes I purchased a couple weeks prior. There was a summer clearance of clothes for a buck! I ended up walking out of there spending $99. It never fails. I will always spend twice as much as I returned. But the clothes were only a buck!

I'm exhausted. The house is clean. Tomorrow is laundry day.

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