Monday, January 02, 2012

Solution Resolution

Tonight's Family Home Evening lesson was on New Year Resolutions. For our activity the kids wrote down at least three of their own resolutions. They came up with them on their own....well, maybe with a little help from mom and dad. At least the ones that seem to recur among children.


When I asked her what she meant by "riding" she said, "You know..." and then gestured with a writing motion. I think what she meant was spelling. And "cleaing" means "cleaning".

Focus on piano, obedience, trying new food, and cleaning*

*Really need to do!" I'm glad he realizes that.

Learn how to properly dip a chocolate chip cookie in milk. It's not necessary to dip the hand past the wrist.



He chose not to write down any that mom and dad suggested, and he came up with this one all by himself, with a little help from an older sister with spelling.

Rachel slept through Family Home Evening.

In addition to our individual resolutions, my husband and I made a joint one to find Solutions to problem areas in the house. For example, my husband was very frustrated with our shower curtain hooks in our bathroom because they didn't slide smoothly. So he bought new ones that are very slick. He also bought a new shower curtain because ours had a lot of mildew growing on it and it was yellowing from all the times I have bleached it. Now my husband says that his day goes so much better now that he has a pleasant shower experience in the morning.

I found a cool website via Pinterest that focuses on one problem area of the home per week for 52 weeks. This week's focus is kitchen counters. Hopefully by Saturday I will have some good before and after pictures. Kitchen counters in our house are a major clutter magnet. I have to put my thinking cap on and find some solutions!


  1. Yeah two days in a row !!! Go Melinda, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I am glad you are back to blogging. Congratulations on your pregnancy. We had our little girl 3 weeks ago. I had forgotten how little sleep you get at the beginning. :) hope to see you around the neighborhood sometime.