Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Famous Hair

Rachel went to the "salon" today to get her hair done. After her appointment she was checking her texts.
I think George is thinking, "What? We can touch Mommy's iTouch?"'

 Realizing her talent for hair styling, Sarah decided to start her own business today. She hired Emily as an employee. 
It's called "Famous Hair: Hair for Famous (and ordanary) People

The Stylist and her own hair do.

Another Asian inspired style on Rachel.

Today was also Emily's half birthday.
(That's our new white board that I am loving in the playroom. We got a sheet of glossy wall board that we bought at Lowes  for $11.84. It works awesome with regular dry erase markers. It was much cheaper than buying a real white board.)

It was Bradley's idea to use the number candles that we had on hand to make the 10 3/6 fraction. It makes me happy to see him applying his math skills.


  1. Happy half-birthday Emily! I love Sarah's hair styles. :) And goodness, is that really George? He's looking less like a baby and more like a little boy!

  2. Great stuff Melinda. Love to see all the happy kids. What's up with George? He's getting big, too fast.