Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall Equinox

So I totally thought I missed the first day of fall! But today marks the Fall equinox which offically marks the first day of fall for 2007. I'm realizing this about 16 hours too late considering that the it officially began at 5:51 this morning and my kids are already in bed totally ignorant of this important calendar event. I'm such a slacker homeschooling mom. I should have had something prepared for the celebration like some leaf shaped cookies or some sort of fall coloring sheet. Gee, I'm so embarrassed that I dressed my girls in white sandals for church today. What a fashion faux paux! I guess this week I will dig out the black patent leather and get Emily a new pair of shoes at Target. They're on sale this week.

So how do you mark the official, "He's walking." in the baby book? Do you document with a first step? How many steps can be considered walking? Historically, I have typically documented my kid's walking when walking becomes the primary mode of transportation. So I think I will mark today as Jason's first day of "walking" since he spent a good deal of his day walking unassisted. Not like it matters, though, because Jason doesn't even have a baby book. I better buy one in the next 4 months before this next baby comes. My second batch of kids will probably end up of filling in their own baby books when they get older. That would be a good homeschool project. "Find your milestones on Mommy's blog, and fill in the blanks in your baby book." So you hear that, Jason? Today marks the day as you officially walking. Can you write September 23, 2007?

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